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About Design vs Content

Design or Content? – the everlasting inquiry that surfaces each time we examine about also imperative for a site to survive, be seen and have clients that would return. I would say these two walk as an inseparable unit, outline being the body and substance being the spirit of a site.

It resembles when meeting individuals – you analyze what they look like first and after that you become acquainted with what they think. Be that as it may, of course, every lead has a special case and everything relies on upon the person.

A few people would simply peruse sites day by day in hunt down a measurements of motivation, searching for good plan, thinking less about the substance; while others are intrigued to peruse quality data not thinking about the look of the site. There are other individuals that don’t recognize what they are searching for and after that end up on a delightfully composed site that has cool data on it, thus it is most presumably this site will get bookmarked and shared on interpersonal organizations. Everything relies on upon needs, however site proprietors will need to manage these forthcoming classes, and ensure they draw in individuals to their site with great outline and hold them returning due to the quality substance they have. It may sound hard, yet not incomprehensible.

# What comes first: content or design?

But before getting to the importance of content or design, we should start with asking the question: What comes first? This is essential, because for example website owners that don’t have any idea about  designing a website or writing content for it, would have to hire professionals who would do that for them. Now, this is tricky because some web designers won’t start their work until they know what the idea of the website is and see some content, because they might need more information than just general information. Content writers might not get started once they see a design mockup so that they would know what to write about.

One thing to be done is hiring a content strategist that has an experience on this subject already. This guy will help you manage everything regarding content, from“how to say it” to “how to manage” the content you have successfully. This will help you a lot if you are not sure how to write for the web as it takes some practice to succeed in that. I personally think that content comes in first and that’s what you should start with. Starting up with some general content can get you a general insight on how it will interact with the visual part of a website and these two are strongly interlinked. This idea is then presented to the design team and discussed thoroughly leading the way to the designing process.

# Why Content?

Content is what makes people come back to your website once they find the information they are looking for. The aim of websites is to attract Internet users in case you are selling something or showcasing something, but based on website popularity keeping the users on your website as much as possible and keeping them interested to come back is what makes it a good website.

Content is what makes a website successfully appear on the first pages of search engines, and that is what interests most of the website owners. Being first on the pages of search engines, means people will find you faster and you would be able to attract more visitors to your website. Content is what makes a website live. The life of good content is much longer than that of a good design, given the fact that this content is high quality and users find out something new and interesting while consuming it. By updating your content and other SEO tricks, you can be sure to appear on the first page of Google for instance and in the end that’s what makes a commercial website worth it and pay back.

# Why design?

As I have mentioned in this article, design is what makes your website attractive. The chance that people will take a look at your cool content is smaller if the design of your website is uncool. A good design fetches traffic, but it won’t assure the fact that people will come back, unless they are interested what’s new on the website. Hence design has less chances to be renewed as much as content is.

A good design is what makes people less confused about finding the right content and finding it the easier way possible. People get “hooked” by great design, and the important thing is to keep the hook there through content so that your website gets the right attention. Avoiding heavy graphics will make your design look stylish and minimalist and remember – less is more! Better adding more quality information than creating a complicated design.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide who wins the battle in the Design vs Content battle. Both of them are quite important and have their own advantages and as I said go hand in hand in making your website unique and visited.